The Light Under the Door

Questions in my head, unanswered questions are my hair. No reason to believe, I’d answer you even if you dared.

– Jesse

Put Sleep on Hold

Stop the presses, pump the brakes, hold the door (too soon?), can’t go to sleep just yet young man. You haven’t drawn anything today.

And done.

– Jesse

The Girls of Blue Moon

Strange where inspiration can come from. Got the mail yesterday and saw this small magazine for women’s New Balances. Was about to toss it in the trash until I saw the cover again and it reminded my of one of my characters.

So I kept it and today I say to draw this morning (top left corner). I didn’t quite nail Dianne’s face the way I’d hoped so I set aside my sketchbook and went about my day.

Later, feeling unsatisfied I started on the larger image of her standing. I felt I got a tad bit closer, but she ended up with a touch of Asian that wasn’t suppose to be there.

Instead of of going for a third try I instead started to draw Red, and then later added Verena and then Dianne in the background. Verena is sporting s new hairdo, which will remain for the moment, but Dianne will still need sone further exploration.

All and all happy with how the pencils are coming back to me and the confidence returning.

Until next time,
Enjoy the Journey.

– Jesse

Study, Study, Study, Study

Practicing the fundamentals can be a chore, but definitely worth the time and effort. I remember being able to sketch the human form in just about any pose without any reference. I want to get back to that point.

Had to dip into my computer fun to make up for the two days I was out of work for being sick so it’ll be that much longer before I can start working digitally.

Besides anatomy, I plan to start sketching some Phase I stuff as well. Might as well work through some rough drafts while I’m at it.

Still not completely 100% but I’m feeling well enough to go food shopping and my head doesn’t hurt as much.

– Jesse