Time Management Failure

One of these days I’ll be able to both have the time and spend it doing exactly what I love for no other reason than I love doing it.

Until then, I’ll keep squeezing this little moments out when I can get them and continue to get lost in the process.

The To-Do List
The Dream
The Journey

– Jesse

2 thoughts on “Time Management Failure

    1. I did. I meant to get back with you sooner, but the subject itself has been one of extreme frustration for me. So, I’ve conveniently procrastinated on thinking a about it.

      Since I’ve switched over from wp.com to wp.org I’ve had so many snags and bumps I’ve seriously considered just going back to my old site.

      The interface looks identical, but when I comment it tells me I’m commenting with my wp.com profile and I don’t get any notifications, and my reader doesn’t show up unless I’m already in a wp.com blog or my old dashboard.

      Its quite frustrating. :'(

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