Time for Bed

Stayed up late to get a bit more of this one complete. So, late in fact that I fell asleep uploading the pic to my blog. lol

Took my own advice and mixed some of my own style and backed off of the anime/cartoony style a bit. Results are looking good so far.

Tried some different hairstyles for the ladies of Blue Moon. We’ll see if I keep them.

and now, it’s really Time for Bed.

– Jesse

Boom Beddy Bye Bye

I’ve been playing around with this animated/cartoony style all week. I love the simplicity, of the shapes. It makes it easier for me during the construction phase of creating, but it’s definitely not completely for me.

Next week I’m looking forward to blending what I do like about it with my own natural style.

But that’s next week. Not sure what the weekend will be about. I know I’m putting back up the Wall of Crazy, so I can map out my Phase I, II, and III plans… Maybe some T-Shirt design sketches seeing as that’s the big art goals for Phase I (the next ten months).

We shall see
The Journey

– Jesse

Nightmare in a Dream

Sometimes what is, isn’t.
It’s crazy how decisions are made and what tips the scales.

Nightmare in a Dream
Nothing is what it seems…

– Jesse

On the Tip of My Tongue

Where thought fades and gut instinct tugs at files Lon forgotten. Don’t forget, but please don’t remember.

There will be time.
But not now.
Later comes eventually.

Enjoy the Journey

– Jesse

Time Management Failure

One of these days I’ll be able to both have the time and spend it doing exactly what I love for no other reason than I love doing it.

Until then, I’ll keep squeezing this little moments out when I can get them and continue to get lost in the process.

The To-Do List
The Dream
The Journey

– Jesse

A New Character is Born

I totally wanted to add some context to this new character, maybe add some cool tidbits on back story etc.

But I’ll save that for another time. Just know I had fun creating today. And that makes everything else okay.

The Journey
– Jesse

I <3 Your Armpit

In my own way, I’ll tell you trouble is no problem. Hello hygiene, goodbye fly on the wall.

No need for too deep thinking. Scrutiny is obsolete.
Follow the path out before you.

– Jesse

Do Hips Lie?

These are the questions I ask myself at fifteen to one aye em.

The Journey
– Jesse