4 thoughts on “Tinder Tinkle

  1. Haha, great expression on this one! The crazy hair-do and make up remind me a bit of what’s-her-name played by Natalie Portman in the Star Wars prequels. As you can probably tell I’m not a fan of that character, but her wardrobe and hair are pretty damn impressive there, the only remarkable thing about her character in my opinion anyways.

    1. Yeah, it definitely has that huge headdress/hairdo feel of Padme for sure. I’ve always had such a disdain for Jar Jar Binks that I think he overshined any other characters in the prequels.

      I love all the excessiveness of court dresses and the elaborate headdresses of nobility. They definitely go above and beyond. 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting me float around inside your head! 😉

      She was super fun to paint and I’m glad I decided to change her expression. It worked out well.

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