Like Building a Sandcastle?

Well that was fun.
I’m glad I decided to add something more to this image in an attempt to make it my own.
Although, I feel like there should be a waterfall in there somewhere.  I’ll definitely have to revisit this (at least I’ll put it on the list with all the other half finished pieces awaiting further attention lol).


Until then.
The journey continues…


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

7 thoughts on “Like Building a Sandcastle?

    1. Heheheh
      I’m probably going to put it under that bridge on the bottom left… I think it will help fill that space and help bridge the gap between the foreground and the midground.

  1. Eck, landscapes, perspective, colouring and buildings! You’ve managed to combine all my less than favourite things in one painting, and done it well! I really like the mood here, and how faraway you made that huge castle look. I know this is just a study, but I’m still itching to know what the story here is. Or maybe I’ve just been watching Game of Thrones too much. It still looks like it might belong to that world there. And yes, it really needs a waterfall. (Adding water to the list of things I do not like to draw)

    1. The benefit of having all the buildings so far away is you can get away with so much more. 🙂 I’m not the best when it come to perspective, but I love adding all the little nooks and crannies. All the impressions of details. So fun.

      I was definitely going for a Fantasy vibe here and mixing some other elements to make it feel like there was more going on I think helped it create a story… But I’m totally guilty of taking inspiration from Game of Thrones (especially the beginning scene lol) and my favorite environment artist Raphael Lacoste. That guy is a wizard!

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