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Baby Wear

Window stickers created for


“I know because I read…Your mind is not a cage. It’s a garden. And it requires cultivating.”  -Libba Bray

Simplicity Takes the Lead


Moving from grey scale to color was a challenge for sure, but a great opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.  I recently checked out a bunch of great and useful books from the library; Drawing and Painting the Portrait, by John Devane and a collection of Impressionist paintings and a collection of Michelangelo’s work.  Great stuff to take inspiration from.

At first I was abscessing about her curls and about the details on each and every one of them, so I was surprised at how much I liked the simple version of it instead.  Kind of feels like a good balance between my comic book style and the painterly method I’ve been working on.


Works in progress I submitted along with the finished image above.  I think I ended up changing Selene’s face three or four times throughout the two weeks and it figures the one I kept was a simple and straight forward angle, with little details.


Moral of the story.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  -Leonardo da Vinci

United in Purpose


Art I drew for a comic jam session many moons ago.


“He whose ranks are united in purpose will be victorious.” -Sun Tzu

Sketchbook Neglected


Still haven’t finished my sketchbook cover.  Guess since it’s been hiding under a pile of papers and I haven’t seen it in a while, it hasn’t been nagging me to complete it.  :/


“Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.”  -Christopher Morley

Last Time, On Dragon Ball Z!!!


Will Jesse finish rendering Selene in black and white and then have enough time to switch it over to color?  Can he Finish converting it to color in time to add a background, or should he just focus on adding a maquette like base?  Find out next time…


Where I left off the other day.


Not sure what manner of dissatisfaction or anger took my, but I decided that the face wasn’t working, although it was probably the neck/base of the head that was bothering me (tilt of the head?).  The rendering was fine, but I need to stop fussing about erasing in this case painting over something that has so much time spent on it.

Fear.  Doing it’s best to hold me back, but I push forward.

Started working on the boots at this point.  I told myself I wasn’t going to touch her face until the rest of her body and clothes were fully rendered.


Overall everything is getting to that point where the body seems have their appropriate volume, I could probably go a touch darker with the highlights on the coat/dress and in a couple places on the purse and boots as well.  But mainly the fur and head/hair are what’s left to do now.

I’ll probably move her head back as if feels like she’s intently leaning in for some reason, when it seems she should be leaning back into her her walk.  We’ll see.


“Why are trying so hard to fit in, when you’re born to stand out.”  -Oliver James

A Study in Legs



“Crave the positive. Work for your ambitions. Fight for the things that matter to you.”  -Unknown

A Series of Small Things


Still plenty work to do, but I’m happy with where I find myself a week away from the turn in date.


This was where we left off a couple days ago.  Selene still has her mean face on and she refuses to make eye contact with the viewer.


Adding some value, pushing back the darks and bringing out the mid-tones.  It was here that I began to realize that I was doing a great deal of work, but hadn’t really introduced any highlights yet.  It’s why I like this method of using a 50% grey background, you can pick up on the fact your drawings are turning out flat and push those values.

Selene is looking happy with a small smile pulling at the corners of her mouth and she’s also looking confident as she’s making direct eye contact with the viewer.


Adding the highlights helped begin pulling the forms out, but there’s still plenty of work to do.  Most areas still look really firm and rigid and her face looks like steel.


A long break and then a study of what I had done so far enabled me to see some glaring issues with Selene’s face.  So for now, I left the clothes alone and focused in on her face.

I began pushing back her hairline and flattening the side of face where the cheek is.  I also pushed her eyes in so they weren’t floating on the surface as much as they were.


Still with most of my attention on her face, I began smoothing out the skin and also giving her complexion an overall lighter tone.


I managed to lighten up all her skin, but I’ll have to push it further into the lighter tones.  She’s suppose to have pale skin and long light golden hair.  There’s still some small proportions in the face I’ll have to balance out and I’ll probably tighten up the face a bit by her cheek bones.

The boots, bag, and fur around her neck will all be dark black and I’m leaning towards a midnight blue for her coat/dress.  With her moon shaped earrings a shiny silver.


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  -Vincent van Gogh

Portfolio Review Poster


Spring 2014

Poster a fellow student and I designed for our graduating classes portfolio review last year.  It was quiet the learning experience.  Not only was it my first time working on something that large (24×36″), but the amount of revisions and team collaboration involved was something I hadn’t experienced either.  It was a challenge fitting all that text into the design.


Here’s a close up of the large QR code image.  It’s made up of all our graduating classes portfolio work.  It was interesting placing all the images so that the colors complemented each other, while at the same time not repeating too much.

We initially planned to have people be able to scan the image itself (which would take them to the graduating classes Facebook page with more details about the event), but in order to accomplish it, we would’ve had to lose a great deal of detail in the images used to make it up.  We eventually decided to just add an additional QR code at the bottom as a work around.

atnt-1 atnt-2

Early variations


Eventually we decided against all the outside noise and choose to simplify the whole poster, containing all the text within the phone/tablet itself.  At this point the QR code image was becoming pixelated when viewed at the full 24×36″ so I had to go back and re-create it using full sized/quality images.  This was challenging because even with the powerful computers at school, creating a full sized poster, with hundreds of images all at full quality was making the computer chug.  Saving sometimes took five or more minutes.


Some color variations.


When we made the decision to lose the phone/tablet idea that was creating the border, it gave me more room to fit all the text in with less difficulty and allowed the QR code image to be expanded, allowing people to see the individual images within it easier.

It was frustrating at the time to have to keep scrapping each version I created, but in the end the final product was better off for it.  At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”  -Albert Einstein