Asaro Head


Using an Asaro Head to study the planes of the face, I can see why it comes so highly recommended by artists.


“Be assured, you never have to apologize for your passion.”  –Taylor Hanson

4 thoughts on “Asaro Head

    1. No worries Shelley, I’m a fan of your figure drawings.
      I’m always making excuses not to do anatomical studies, but it’s one of those tools you gotta keep sharp. 😉

      1. You’re too kind! That’s very true! I used to be afraid as well, it used to be the thing I was worst at. I do feel however that it makes me boring (as an artist that is). 🙂

        1. Variety is the spice of life.

          But the human body is quite often the foundation to some really amazing art. Perhaps you could continue utilizing your strengths, but add some other elements, or incorporate something else into your studies.

          Maybe some sort of interaction between the two will create the additional interest you’re inner artist is looking for. B-)

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