Polygonal Portrait


Taking a break from the character design to do a portrait study.  I downloaded a bunch of geometric and polygonal brushes for Photoshop and had some fun filling in the background with different shapes and experimenting with the atmosphere it created.


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I Have an Insignia


K9 King
Work, work, work

Adding little details to the background to add interest as well as putting values down to contrast against the highlights on the armor and make the flag not blend in.


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Pushing Back, Pulling Forward

K9 King

Working Up to Details

With only five days left until submission, I have to ensure I’m using my time wisely.  Spending time on the most important aspects first and ensuring that the piece as a whole is unified.  Already I see that the character isn’t the main focus and the image focuses more on the moment and not just the K9 King, but it’s too far into the challenge to start over.  Finishing the image takes priority.

Fleshed out the crowd slightly, just to give them a little humanity and lend a bit of atmosphere.  Also got some good feedback about making the bear a bit bigger and the king smaller, lending weight and power to the grandeur of the scene.  I like how it turned out.

Next I’ll be tackling the armor, making it more kingly and softening the values on the flag and creating an insignia.


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Horses Are Too Mainstream


K9 King

Adding Interest

Got a suggestion from my brother that maybe I should have him riding something other than a horse and I think it turned out for the better.  Adds some interest and makes him seem a little more like a warrior, which was the direction I wanted to push this character anyway.

I started working the background a little further and also fleshing out the crowd as well.  Background perspective still needs some work and that insignia is still a question mark in the back of my mind, but the overall piece is taking shape nicely.


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Setting The Stage


K9 King
Setting the Stage

Keeping with the idea of having the vantage point from a spectators point of view and adding the idea of the king riding a horse, I came up with this quick sketch.  I like the centralized focus it places on the character and the idea of the people on the sides in celebration really add to the effect.

The flag was something I saw when looking at Google images of flags and was an idea I grabbed from an image of Mel Gibson’s The Patriot.  But knowing I have to have an insignia on it I knew it would have to be a bit higher and not blocked by the character, but still flowing behind him.


With this one I moved the flag up and added a temporary insignia and roughly added some background elements to quickly get a feel of everything going on.  Then I bumped up the contrast for mood.


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